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Types of plywood transportation
Plyterra Group cooperates with the largest and most reliable partners in the field of transport logistics to build long-term partnerships with customers in Russia and abroad.
10 May 2021
Trailers redefine people’s lifestyles
As freedom and mobility are of paramount importance to society nowadays, architects and designers respond with a range of trailers designs which can transform the way we work, shop and travel.
5 April 2021
Plywood application
Plywood is a sheet construction material manufactured from several thin layers of wood that are tightly glued together in thickness (the so-called veneer). The fibers are generally perpendicular to each other in the adjacent veneer layers, so the specific properties of plywood are shape stability and durability in various directions, which distinguishes it from ordinary wood. The plywood made of birch veneer is the most durable.
15 February 2021
How to store birch plywood properly?
Birch plywood may be stored for a fairly long period, but it is important to organise a storage area properly and meet the following conditions...
1 December 2020
Use of plywood as a formwork material
The technology of monolithic construction is commonly used to construct industrial and residential buildings. This technology is based on applying formwork materials, i.e a framework which holds mortar in a particular shape until it hardens.
10 October 2020
Plywood furniture
Plywood furniture has been dominating the interior design in Europe for several years and has been winning first places in design competitions worldwide.
15 September 2020
Birch plywood covered with film
Laminated plywood is a wood panel material the outer layers of which are covered with moisture-resistant film. Thanks to this film, the plywood has various areas of application. Film faced plywood is produced based on exterior birch plywood and overlaid with special phenolic or melamine film, making the surface of the plywood 20–25% stronger.
1 September 2020
Standards and burning indexes of fire-retardant plywood
Fire-retardant (FR) plywood occupies a special place among a wide variety of construction materials. It is also called fire-resistant, fire rated, fireproof etc. Any wood is vulnerable to high-temperature exposure. However, fire-retardant plywood stands out from the rest, being a high-quality material with unique properties.
18 June 2020
Waterproof plywood
Waterproof wood panels made of veneer are considered to be the most popular in concrete construction, interior and exterior finishing, decorating. Plywood has moisture resistant properties due to the adhesives based on synthetic resins, which are used to glue the sheets. At the same time film faced plywood is also very popular in the construction industry. This waterproof plywood has improved water-resistant properties and specific scope of application.
3 June 2020
Plywood structure and production
Birch veneer is mainly used for the production of plywood. Other wood species widely used for this purpose are alder, beech, and pine. However, special types of plywood providing increased resistance to bending and torsion are also produced. Industrial plywood is also called "special plywood". It means that the plywood attained peculiar characteristics as a result of some technological processes and is intended for use in one industry or several industries.
28 May 2020
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