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History of plywood plant “Vlast Truda”

Plywood plant "Vlast Truda", JSC, has a rich history lasting more than a century and a half.

23 June 2022
History of plywood mill “Plyterra”
The plywood mill “Plyterra” has a rich history of more than 120 years which includes 3 main stages of development.
16 June 2022
What can plywood be overlaid with?

Due to the rapid development of technology in the modern world, Plyterra Group offers many varieties of plywood. Plywood can be covered with HPL or CPL plastic, phenolic or melamine films, as well as fiberglass.

10 June 2022
Plywood in the aircraft construction
Aircraft plywood has special flexibility, high strength and low density. Having a small specific weight, aircraft plywood has impeccable durability. Birch veneer serves as the basis of aircraft plywood. 
2 June 2022
The history of the origin and production of pellets

Wood fuel pellets were invented in the USA. Scientist Rudolf Gunnerman patented his invention – pellets in 1976. Plyterra Group produces fuel pellets from birch wood. The products fully comply with quality standards. Our consumers, having tried to use pellets once, do not want to return to other types of fuel.

27 May 2022
Manufacturing technology of wood fuel pellets

For the manufacture of wood fuel pellets, as a rule, the following production processes are required: primary treatment of wood waste, air conditioning, press, cooling and screening.

23 May 2022
Pellets - renewable energy source of the future
Pellet fuels (or pellets) are biofuels made from compressed organic matter or biomass. They are considered a real substitute for fossil fuels. The new project of the plant JSC "Plyterra" - the production of fuel pellets is currently at the stage of commissioning.
18 May 2022
Eco-friendly fuel briquettes

Plyterra Group realizes its environmental responsibility and strives for the most rational and efficient use of resources. Fuel briquettes are produced from wood dust which remains during plywood production. Biomass/fuel briquettes are an environmentally friendly product.

4 May 2022
CARB certification
CARB sets requirements for manufacturers of composite wood panels and other construction products. Plyterra Group passes inspections and tests, as well as regular quality checks at production sites to obtain a CARB certificate of ultra-low formaldehyde emissions.
20 April 2022
Plywood classification

There are several classifications of plywood depending on various factors. When choosing plywood, it is necessary to know the types of plywood and which one is better for a certain field of application.

30 March 2022
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