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About us

About us

Plyterra Group is one of the most reliable birch plywood manufacturers. Openness to innovation, creativity and wish for changing to the better help us to meet even the most specific requirements of our customers
Plyterra Group is one of the leaders of plywood production in Russia. Highly qualified personnel and competent management take all the advantages of production and continue developing day by day. The basis of our business is focus on our clients’ needs. Such position allows us to build long-term partnership with our clients in Russia and abroad.
We ship our product to more than 70 countries. This vast geography confirms that our plywood is produced in compliance with the strictest quality standards and environmental regulations. The partners working with Plyterra Group for many years have confirmed our reliability. Cooperating with us you will ascertain the quality of our product as well as our responsibility, honesty, openness and dedication to what we do.
Improve ecological
properties of plywood
Reduce the impact of production
on the environment
Create better working conditions and
opportunities for professional growth of all employees
Develop innovative products
Expand the geography of deliveries
Introduce new services for clients to make our cooperation more effective and convenient
Continuously modernize the production process and
improve quality control procedures
Become a well-deserved leader in the woodworking industry of Russia


Plyterra Group is oriented on the dynamically changing market. Adaptation to changes, readiness to create something new, creativity and initiative of personnel - all these help us to develop rapidly. The company management always encourages new ideas for the production development and strives for the most rational and efficient use of resources. To follow this ideology, the company uses the principles of lean production, new technologies and high-performance equipment.

We value our partners. We are always open to discuss any issues and find solution for any possible difficult situation together with our partners. In addition, we are particularly attentive to our responsibility to the client and really appreciate customers’ loyalty to our company. Our reputation of a reliable supplier and our clients’ trust are more valuable for us than economic costs. We also have serious attitude to social and ecological commitments to our customers, employees and environment.

History of foundation and development of our production goes back to the XIXth century, the time when the sawmill was opened. Nowadays there are two plywood mills effectively cooperating with the partners, meeting their demands and producing plywood of high quality. Accumulating experience and perfecting our work standards, improving manufacturing processes, constantly improving and developing ourselves, we build our future. In this future we will continue to be faithful to our customers and to our principles.

We value trust of the customers and our reputation of the producer of high quality product. The importance of our every client’s positive assessment is very high for us and that is the reason why we have been giving priority to high quality of our product since the time of our foundation. We want our product to be worth being proud of it. We take into account the wishes of our customers and provide first-class service.



One of the main advantages of Plyterra Group is honesty and openness in communicating with partners with whom we keep not just mutually profitable but warm friendly relationship during many years. Thanks to you we have the possibility to make our ideas be realized and offer the product of high quality. Thanks to you our product is delivered to 74 countries.
Together with you we will continue contributing to progress in the field of woodworking, steadily moving forward, scoring success and ensuring confidence in the future. At the same time, we are convinced that honesty and integrity in the relationship with our reliable partners is the way to the height of success.