Expert opinion

Laying plywood under parquet

Plywood is considered one of the best bases for any finishing floor covering – linoleum, laminate or parquet.

Why plywood is needed for laying under the finishing floor?

- For thermal insulation. Plywood perfectly maintains a comfortable floor temperature, so even if it's cool at home, you cannot be afraid to step on the parquet with bare feet.

- For additional alignment of the base.

- For a high degree of sound insulation. The floor on which the parquet is laid without plywood will more pass noise.

Moisture-resistant plywood, 10-20 mm thick, is perfect as a base. What is very important: the thickness of plywood and parquet planks should be almost identical. For example, for a parquet of 15-16 mm, plywood of 12-15 mm is used. Before laying, plywood sheets should be cut into squares of 75 ×75 cm or 50 × 50 cm.

Before laying the parquet, it is necessary to sand the plywood. The sanding is needed in order to remove the differences between the joints and to make the base as even as possible.