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High-capacity one-side spreading Raute lay-up line has been commissioned at Plyterra plant
This glue-spreading technology is popular in Europe, while in Russia it is only the third line of this type.
December, 11 / 2020
The Umet Park of Culture and Leisure has been decorated with birch alley
Being aware of the importance of promoting socially and environmentally responsible behaviour, our team regularly holds eco-events.
October, 21 / 2020
Plyterra, JSC delivers operating table to hospital in Zubovo Polyana
On October 8, Sergey Nikonorov, CEO of Plyterra, JSC, provided an operating table for the Zubovo Polyana district hospital. This equipment will make it possible to perform surgery in the most comfortable conditions both for a doctor and a patient.
October, 8 / 2020
The employees of Plyterra, JSC received State Awards
On September 25, Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Mordovia Vladimir Sushkov presented state awards to the best employees of the industrial sector.
September, 28 / 2020
Day of Forest and Woodworking Industry Workers
On Sunday, 20 September, the Day of Forest and Woodworking Industry Workers is celebrated.
On the eve of the holiday, the best employees of Plyterra of year 2020 have been awarded at the solemn awarding ceremony.
September, 18 / 2020
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