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A story of one person as part of the enterprise’s history
We are proud to introduce the person who stood at the origins of our company, our Production Director, Maria Churinova, Honoured Worker of the Industry of the Republic of Mordovia and a perfect example of professionalism and commitment to work.
May, 22 / 2020
Great Victory Day!
On this significant anniversary of the Great Victory, we send sincere congratulations and wishes of good health, prosperity and a peaceful sky above heads  to veterans from their grateful descendants.
May, 9 / 2020
Plyterra, JSC keeps on helping Zubova Polyana district hospital
Plyterra, JSC keeps on helping Zubova Polyana district hospital and has provided it with 5000 medical face masks so that it was safe for the health-care workers to do their job. The next lot of the means of individual protection will be delivered to the hospital next week.
April, 30 / 2020
Resumption of production at plywood mill Plyterra, JSC
Plyterra, JSC was included in the list of companies that are exempt from the regime of paid non-working days, as it significantly influences the socio-economic stability of the region and the population employment.
April, 6 / 2020
The Head of the Quality Control Department Dina Churinova represented our company at the federal stage of the All-Russian competition "100 Best Products of Russia" and was awarded the Badge of Honour for Excellence in Quality
March, 25 / 2020
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