Expert opinion

Plywood in outdoor advertising

It is difficult to imagine the modern world without advertising, it meets us everywhere – in shops, buildings and highways. The main material for the manufacture of outdoor advertising is a plywood sheet. Due to its properties – moisture resistance, resistance to temperature changes and other adverse weather conditions, such a plywood shield can last a long time.

The most optimal option for creating outdoor advertising is considered to be the exterior plywood (FSF). The successful combination of price and quality make it a leader among other materials.

The most commonly used brands are exterior (FSF) and interior (FK), sometimes laminated plywood. Such plywood sheets are produced sanded on both sides and on one side. Depending on the type and location of the advertisement, we can choose any option.

Therefore, on billboards located on buildings, plywood with one-sided lamination will also be suitable, for open areas, two-sided lamination will be required.