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Plywood for painting
Designers and builders often need plywood specifically for further painting. Plyterra Prime is birch plywood overlaid with paper-based film impregnated with amino resin. The special coating makes plywood ready for quick and easy painting and lacquering without any treatment.
13 January 2022
Fire-retardant plywood for shipbuilding
Fire-retardant panels are applied in shipbuilding – in the chip log system and furring, in the cladding of deckhead, bulkhead and wheel house, as well as for the manufacture of ship furniture and interior elements.
9 June 2021
Use of plywood as a formwork material
The technology of monolithic construction is commonly used to construct industrial and residential buildings. This technology is based on applying formwork materials, i.e a framework which holds mortar in a particular shape until it hardens.
10 October 2020
Birch plywood covered with film
Laminated plywood is a wood panel material the outer layers of which are covered with moisture-resistant film. Thanks to this film, the plywood has various areas of application. Film faced plywood is produced based on exterior birch plywood and overlaid with special phenolic or melamine film, making the surface of the plywood 20–25% stronger.
1 September 2020
Standards and burning indexes of fire-retardant plywood
Fire-retardant (FR) plywood occupies a special place among a wide variety of construction materials. It is also called fire-resistant, fire rated, fireproof etc. Any wood is vulnerable to high-temperature exposure. However, fire-retardant plywood stands out from the rest, being a high-quality material with unique properties.
18 June 2020
Plywood structure and production
Birch veneer is mainly used for the production of plywood. Other wood species widely used for this purpose are alder, beech, and pine. However, special types of plywood providing increased resistance to bending and torsion are also produced. Industrial plywood is also called "special plywood". It means that the plywood attained peculiar characteristics as a result of some technological processes and is intended for use in one industry or several industries.
28 May 2020
Eco Plywood
Plywood is a multilayer material consisting of at least 3 layers of coniferous or deciduous veneer. Adhesive compounds based on synthetic resins are used to glue the layers together. These substances increase water resistance and mechanical strength of the material. Let's consider the main characteristics of the materia
6 May 2020
Fire-retardant plywood for construction

Building codes require that certain structures shall be made with fire-retardant or flame resistant plywood. The use of this material in walls and partitions prevents the spread of fire from one part of building to others. Fire-retardant plywood successfully completes vertical through-roof firewalls, simplifying roofs construction and reducing building and reroofing costs.

15 August 2018
What is special about fire-retardant plywood?
Fire-Retardant plywood stands out from standard Exterior and Interior plywood. The difference becomes evident during the production process, when peeled veneer for FR plywood undergoes special treatment with fire retardants. Thus, the final product acquires its fire-resistant properties.
15 August 2018
Introduction to fire-retardant plywood
To obtain its fire-resistant properties, fire-retardant plywood is treated with special flame retardant during the production process. FR grade plywood is widely used to reduce the risk of fire in public places such as theatres, cinemas, offices, kitchens of restaurants as well as for cladding in residential buildings. Another major application of fireproof plywood is rolling stock construction. Fire rated plywood is also used for furniture production. The structures made of fire-retardant plywood are more expensive but the choice is always evident for those for whom safety is a major concern.
20 July 2018
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