Logistics services

The basis of our business is focus on our clients’ needs. It allows us to build long-term partnership with clients in Russia and abroad. We cooperate with the largest and reliable partners in the field of transport logistics. We carefully manage and coordinate the delivery of our products to make sure that they come on time and no extra costs are charged at any stage of transportation. We work on FCA, CFR, CIF, DAP, DDP and other terms and are ready to provide the following logistics services:

International transportation by train

Railway transport is the safest way to deliver goods. High carrying capacity of trains, developed network of railways and independence from season and weather conditions make this mode of transportation very convenient when it comes to the goods transportation throughout Europe and Asia.
Both production sites of Plyterra Group have immediate access to the railroad which provides for the possibility of direct loading to rail cars. Trains are said to be the most predictable way of transportation.

International transportation by trucks

Transportation by truck is mostly popular for deliveries to the European countries. Alongside with transportation and expedition of cargo, we may also offer services on the preparation and management of the custom clearance process together with our partners and authorized customs brokers. More than that, trucks are the most cost-effective and convenient means of transportation when the door delivery is required.

Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation helps to develop and implement individual logistics solutions for every client no matter where the point of destination is. Our logistics experts develop the most optimal routes reducing delivery time and cost and then track cargo throughout the whole period of shipment. Our clients do not have to make any additional contracts with us or look for logistics company to get these services. You only have to state the point of destination and preferable terms of delivery and we will take about all the rest within one contract.

Standards of rail car loading:
for sizes 2440х1220х2440 and 2500х1250х2500 - from 72 to 76 bundles
Standards of truck loading:
for size 2440х1220х2440 - 25 bundles,
for size 2500х1250х2500 - 24 bundles,
for size 1525x1525 – 33 bundles
Standards of 40' HC container loading:
for size 2440х1220х2440 - 32 bundles,
for size 2500х1250х2500 - 30 bundles