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Plywood for the manufacture of souvenirs

Souvenirs are popular products among private clients and company owners. For the former, it is an opportunity to show attention to friends, colleagues and distant relatives. In the business world, a souvenir is a demonstration of attention, respect, loyalty, gratitude to partners and customers, encouragement of employees, a reminder of yourself.

Plywood is often chosen as the main material of souvenirs. This is a malleable material that is usually used in the furniture industry but in recent years has begun to enjoy popularity among manufacturers of souvenir products. Plywood is a natural and eco–friendly material, so products made of it look original, as if made by hand, they are light and inexpensive.

The production of souvenir products from plywood often involves laser cutting, engraving and full-color printing. Objects made of wood attract consumers with their naturalness, elegance, they look more presentable than plastic. Laser technologies allow to make exclusive badges, magnets, key rings, wall and desktop calendars and clocks, photo frames, boxes, pencil cases and other promotional souvenirs according to individual design.