Plywood is used for construction of bulkheads, partitions and compartments as well as for furniture construction, flooring and decking. Fire-retardant plywood of Plyterra Group is especially popular among shipbuilders. Wired film faced plywood withstands high loads and ensures safety of cargo during transportation. Its resistance to abrasion, rolling and slipperiness makes it a great solution for RORO ship decking.
Building and construction, concrete formwork
Product line of Plyterra Group includes the whole range of plywood for building and construction. It is light and durable material with good strength properties. Film-faced plywood is irreplaceable in concrete formwork. High resistance to abrasion of film-faced plywood is approved by Taber Test.
Exterior and interior decoration works
Plywood of Plyterra Group is easy to handle and install. Its strength, durability, surface hardness, resistance to wear and tear as well as beautiful structure of birch veneer make it perfect for creative interior and exterior design and decoration. Exterior plywood is resistant to temperature drops and humidity thanks to special water and boil resistant glue.
Basis for painting
Smooth and free of knots, voids, plugs, seams or any rough spots birch plywood is a good basis for painting. Plyterra Group plywood with sanded surface and improved flatness is perfect for construction projects, hobby and craft. This material is easy to prime and size. Birch plywood guarantees smooth finish after painting and will fit in exclusive projects.
Sheathing and flooring of trailers
Film-faced plywood is widely used in trailers manufacturing. It is overlaid with dark brown phenolic film that insures longer durability and high wear resistance. It is easy to clean and resistant to commonly used chemicals. Anti-slip pattern on the wear surface of plywood for trailers floors guarantees safety of cargo during transportation. Experience the quality of plywood for trailers by Plyterra Group.
Wall panels, different kinds of barrier
Birch plywood of Plyterra Group is strong, pliable and light. It can be used as base material in construction projects due to its sturdy nature. The plywood is easy to prime and cut to whatever shape and size. Fire-retardant plywood ensures safety in buildings. Special plywood with sound-insulation properties is recognized for its practicality and beautiful appearance.
Sheathing and flooring of vans
Plywood is popular among the producers of vans for its slip and wear resistance and minimum rolling wear. The material has high load-bearing capacity in spite of its light weight. Tailor-made products, manufactured according to the customer’s drawings with great precision are especially valued by the clients of Plyterra Group.
Laser cutting
Laser cutting has application in many industries, however, it is most popular in the cutting dies production. Plywood is used as a platform for keeping the knives of the die cutting board in a proper way. Only solid veneer is used in the inner layers. Adhesive, based on specific resin, is not subject to combustion under the influence of the laser beam. The material has customized thickness tolerances and improved flatness.
Roofing materials
Plyterra Group plywood is a perfect material for roof decking, no matter whether it is a simple single-family residence or a multistore office block. It is popular among contractors for its strength, high load-bearing capacity, water resistance and structural stability. This roofing material has light weight and is easy to work with. Its structure provides better nailing, which is the most important consideration with roof sheathing.
Advertisement hoardings
Plywood manufactured by Plyterra Group can retain its properties even in harsh conditions, such as temperature drops and high humidity. Durability of plywood make it perfect for outdoor advertising. The alternation of cross and long grain veneer reduces the chances of the wood deformation and makes it resistant to warping, cracking, and twisting when setting.
Furniture manufacturing
Plywood is very popular in furniture production due to its technical properties, dimensional stability and ease in handling. It saves the warmth and beautiful structure of wood. Interior plywood of Plyterra Group is suitable for production of doors, tables, shelves, chairs, cabinetry and other furniture.
Rail vehicles production
Fire-retardant plywood of Plyterra Group is widely used in the structures of walls and floors of rail vehicles and metro trains. It has light weight and high strength. The product line includes plywood with sound insulating and antivibrating properties developed precisely for this industry. The plywood meets safety requirements of passenger transport.
Parquet production
Plywood is used as a base or core of parquet thanks to its eco-friendliness and great performance properties. More than that, the material is safe for health. Our special product PlyParquet is produced to meet the strictest requirements of parquet manufacturers all over the world. Special thickness of veneer allows to produce plywood with strict thickness tolerance according to customers’ requests.
Acoustic systems
Plyterra Group offers “acoustically soft” plywood having necessary sound absorption coefficient. Multilayer structure of plywood results in damping of vibration. Only solid inner layers of birch veneer are used for its production. The material is much lighter in comparison with other wood products used for this application. It also has such properties as strength, longevity and great capability to hold fasteners (screws, etc.).
Another application of plywood produced by Plyterra Group is the production of packaging. It is light but strong, durable and resistant to wear and tear. Plywood packaging ensures the safety of goods during transportation. Its properties are especially important when the goods are transported for long distances.
Production of Buses
Plywood of Plyterra Group has found wide application in transport industry. Uncoated plywood is used for sheathing of doors, walls and ceilings of buses. Special solutions with cork inside make the plywood lighter and guarantee sound absorption. Film-faced plywood is very popular when it comes to buses floors, due to its non-slippery properties and resistance to abrasion.
Overlaid plywood of Plyterra Group is valued by the producers of caravans because it does not lose its properties in various conditions, even when influenced by water, chemicals or heavy use. Plywood with antislip coating is widely used for flooring of caravans. The material coated with fire-resistant HPL has various decorative surfaces. Thus, along with safety it provides great opportunities for interior decoration.
Production of toys
Smooth, perfectly sanded birch plywood of Plyterra Group is an excellent material for production of toys. Ultra-low emission of formaldehyde for the plywood produced by Plyterra is confirmed by ULEF status issued by CARB, which proves that it is a harmless material and its presence in the child’s playroom is absolutely safe. This material is easy to prime and size. Birch plywood guarantees smooth finish after painting and fits for exclusive projects.
Birch plywood of Plyterra Group is strong and resistant to scuffing and scratching. It can endure heavy use on a gym floor without suffering damage. Plywood can be used as floor or subfloor, but anyway it absorbs some of the shock, reducing the impact on athlete's body. The surface of birch plywood produced at the mills of Plyterra Group is sanded perfectly. Long-grain and cross-grain birch veneer laid-up crosswise make the material extremely strong.
Birch plywood suits for many applications, including flooring. Based on the intention of premises, grade of plywood and type of coating, it can be used as subfloor or floor itself. It is a strong, stable, durable and eco-friendly material which is easy to install. It can be used both inside and outside. Raw plywood is suitable for various types of treatment. Film faced birch plywood is a perfect material for flooring of warehouses, industrial premises and agricultural buildings.
Pedestrian bridges
Being able to withstand various weather conditions, birch plywood overlaid with wear-resistant phenolic film is perfect for exterior use. Thanks to anti-slip pattern of the film, Plyterra Antislip prevents skidding even when its surface is wet. Plywood is made of multiple layers of birch veneer laid-up crosswise which makes this material extremely strong. Being hard, birch plywood is, at the same time, comparatively light and can be easily machined, cut-to size an installed.
Skate ramps
Skate ramps are made of metal and wooden structures and are covered with wearproof, water-resistant birch plywood. Sizes and thicknesses of plywood sheets vary depending on the skate park project. Plyterra Birch Exterior has perfectly sanded smooth surface that is ready for final finishing. It does not become slippery with moisture or extremely hot in warm climates. Unlike steel and concrete, birch plywood is lighter and is easier to assemble. At the same time, skating on the ramps made of birch plywood tends to be not so loud compared, for example, to steel.
Climbing walls
Strong, durable and eco-friendly birch plywood is a perfect material for construction of climbing walls. It is popular for both indoor and outdoor facilities. Light weight of birch plywood make it suitable for use in modular climbing panels. It shows a very good performance when it comes to holding screws, fasteners and nails. Birch plywood does not become extremely hot when it is subject to direct sunlight. Birch plywood is appreciated by climbing walls manufacturers due to being very strong and dimensionally stable.
Water-resistant uncoated birch plywood as well as birch plywood overlaid with HPL or phenolic films of different colors is used for construction of bright playgrounds with many details, which attract children of all ages. It is a firm eco-friendly material with high load-bearing capacity. CNC-machining of plywood parts makes it possible to get necessary radii and curves without sharp edges. Overlaid plywood withstands the influence of different weather conditions. Besides, slip-resistant coatings provide convenience and safety for children.