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Engineered board

For many years, the main materials for finishing the floor are laminate and linoleum. But technology does not stand still, and now an engineered board is coming into fashion.

Engineered board is a new modern floor covering. Its appearance resembles an ordinary parquet. It is because of the external similarity and some similar characteristics with parquet. The board is also glued from two or three layers, but their device is slightly different:

The first layer (upper) consists of wood, usually an expensive breed, with a thickness of at least 1 cm. The thickness of the layer allows you to re-sand the boards if necessary (if they are damaged). From the point of view of processing or use of protective materials, there is no difference with parquet. It is recommended to use impregnate with oil, and then with a special, protective varnish.

The base is made of thick plywood (usually birch) with an internal cut for fastening. Its thickness is also at least 1 cm. Such a base is in many ways better than parquet, since it is possible to lay the floor even in rooms with high humidity. This is the main difference between a parquet board and an engineering board.

Another serious difference from parquet is that the engineered board can reach three meters in length and 30 cm in width. Its dimensions are limited only by the size of the raw materials.

Its main advantage is its aesthetic appearance. The floor looks as if it is finished with expensive wood. At the same time, you can choose any color scheme for almost any interior.