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History of plywood mill “Plyterra”

The plywood mill “Plyterra” has a rich history of more than 120 years which includes 3 main stages of development:

XIX century: 1896 – 1937 - Sawmill

The history of the foundation and development of our mill goes back to the XIX century when in 1896 in the owner's village "Avdalov Umet" of the Spassky district, the timberman Mr. Leskov launched a sawmill. According to statistics of that time, Umet consisted of 17 yards (231 people) and now about 500 people work at the Plyterra enterprise alone.

XX century: 1937 – 1999 - Umetsky woodworking integrated plant

After the end of the NEP in the new Soviet Union, the Umetsky woodworking integrated plant was established. The enterprise developed, grew and was the flagship of the woodworking industry of the Republic of Mordovia. The plant produced doors, windows, garden furniture, sliced veneer, parquet and other products of woodworking industry. After the collapse of the USSR, the Umetsky woodworking integrated plant was liquidated like many factories.

XXI century: 1999 – presently working - Plywood Mill "Plyterra"

In 1999, an enterprise for the production of birch plywood was founded on the basis of the former Umetsky woodworking integrated plant, which was originally named “Les-Export”, JSC, and in 2005 it was renamed “Plyterra”, JSC.