Expert opinion

Advantages of fuel briquettes

Among the advantages of fuel briquettes are the following:

• Convenient shape and compactness;

• After heat treatment, briquettes acquire biopersistance to the effects of fungus, mold and insects;

• The calorific value of briquettes is more than 2 times higher than that of firewood: according to this parameter, they are equivalent to coal;

• The high density of the material ensures long combustion: they need to be put in the boiler or furnace 3-4 times less often.;

• When burning briquettes, carbon monoxide and detrimental compounds are not released;

• The ash content of the material is only 1-3% (for comparison: the ash residue after burning wood chips is 15-18%, coal is 35-40%).

It is an environmentally friendly product made of 100% wood and it does not contain any chemical additives. Plyterra Group briquettes are manufactured on patented German RUF technology that indicates the high quality of products.

They burn neatly and safely warming and scenting the entire space with forest smells. They can be used for fireplaces, stoves, heating boilers, baths, saunas, grills.