High-quality pine lumber


Pine is one of the most common types of wood in Russia. Pine forests occupy about 14% of the total forest mass. Pine is the leader in the Russian softwood lumber market.

Pine wood properties:

- low density 520 kg/m3 and light weight;

- high strength (under compression along the fibers – 440 g/cm2);

- heavy pitch and water resistance;

- high rate of sound insulation and air permeability;

- low electrical conductivity;

- easy treatment;

- unified structure;

- beautiful texture;

- low fracture resistance;

- absolutely environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic material.

A wide range of products can be made from pine wood. Coniferous trees are an excellent material for construction. You do not need to dry pine lumber for a long time, they are easy to treat.

Pine wood is used for:

- construction of load-bearing structures of low-rise housing construction, residential and utility buildings, ceilings, frames, roof truss systems, piles, scaffolding;

- interior decoration of walls and floors (windows, doors, railings, stairs, lining, board, glued beams, etc.);

- production of frame furniture;

- as a raw material for the pulp and paper industry.

The product complies with all necessary quality standards.

Technical sheet

Transport moisture


Carpentry moisture


Thicknesses, mm

19; 22; 25; 50

Width, mm

75; 100; 125; 150; 175; 200

Length, m

from 3 to 6 (in 30 cm increments)

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