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What is special about fire-retardant plywood?

What is special about fire-retardant plywood?

Fire-Retardant (FR) plywood stands out from standard Exterior (WBP) and Interior (MR) plywood.

The difference becomes evident during the production process, when peeled veneer for FR plywood undergoes special treatment with fire retardants. Thus, the final product acquires its fire-resistant properties.

The material is used to reduce the risk of inflammation and spread of fire and has a wide area of application from theatres, restaurants and halls to homes and offices, from commercial vehicles to passenger coaches and metro trains. However, it is hardly used for furniture production as it significantly influences the cost of the final product, while very few customers have concern for fire-retardant properties of their furniture.

There are many standards of quality for FR plywood that differ from country to country. Among the main indicators, there is flammability, resistance to ignition, burning rate, smoke generation capacity as well as time for flame penetration and spread over the surface of the material.

In addition to fireproof properties, FR plywood has all the advantages of standard Exterior plywood. The variety of thicknesses and non-standard dimensions are commonly required by those who buy fire-retardant plywood.