Review Special plywood

Fire-retardant plywood for shipbuilding

PlyGuard is a special brand of fire-retardant plywood. It is a low flammable material, preventing spread of fire on the surface, having a medium smoke-generating capacity and securing a moderate emission of hazardous substance into the air when burning. Fireproof plywood is a product of heightened water resistance due to being glued with phenol-formaldehyde resin.

All layers of veneer used for production of fire-rated plywood under the brand PlyGuard are impregnated with flame retardant. Thus, the product complies with the highest level of fire safety.

Plyguard Phon is a special brand of sound insulation fire-retardant plywood. The structure of the fireproof material includes cork, rubber or composite cork-rubber sound absorbing barrier. This complex solution meets the requirements for fire safety, sound reduction and damping of vibration.

PlyGuard and Plyguard Phon are used in the implementation of large-scale projects for the construction of marine vessels. Fire-retardant panels are applied in shipbuilding – in the chip log system and furring, in the cladding of deckhead, bulkhead and wheel house, as well as for the manufacture of ship furniture and interior elements.