Review Special plywood

Introduction to fire-retardant plywood

To obtain its fire-resistant properties, fire-retardant plywood is treated with special flame retardant during the production process.

FR grade plywood is widely used to reduce the risk of fire in public places such as theatres, cinemas, offices, kitchens of restaurants as well as for cladding in residential buildings. Another major application of fireproof plywood is rolling stock construction. Fire rated plywood is also used for furniture production. The structures made of fire-retardant plywood are more expensive but the choice is always evident for those for whom safety is a major concern.

The quality standards and requirements to flame retardant plywood are specified in many documents and vary depending on the country and area of application. Special attention is paid to the rate of burning of FR plywood, time for fire spread over the surface, time for flame penetration, smoke generation capacity and toxicity.

Strength characteristics of fire-retardant plywood from manufacturer Plyterra are almost equal to those of exterior birch plywood. Plyterra Group offers a variety of thicknesses up to 30 mm and dimensions up to 3050 mm.