Review Birch Plywood

Types of plywood transportation

Plyterra Group cooperates with the largest and most reliable partners in the field of transport logistics to build long-term partnerships with customers in Russia and abroad. We carefully plan and coordinate the delivery of birch plywood to make sure that the buyer receives it on time and at no additional cost. Delivery can be arranged in the following ways:

Railway transportation

Rail transport is considered the safest way to deliver goods and has certain advantages:

-high carrying capacity;

-well-developed railway network;

-low prime cost;

-independence on weather conditions and seasons.

Auto transportation

Road transport is the most widespread way of goods delivery across Russia and to European countries. In addition, road transport is the most economical and convenient type of final cargo delivery to the point of destination. Trucking is characterized by:

-mobility and speed;

-a wide range of vehicles (depending on the size and type of cargo);

-the possibility of changing the approved route if an unforeseen situation arises;

-the ability to optimize costs.

Air transportation

Air carriage is considered the fastest but also the most expensive way of delivery. This option has the following differences:

-fast delivery to the right destination in a matter of hours;

-shipping over long distances despite any geographical obstacles (mountains/sea);

-ability to track and check the safety and condition of the goods along the entire route due to mass monitoring facilities;

-there is no need to pass through customs control at each border (this needs to be done only twice: at the point of origin and at the point of destination);

-transportation of any cargo regardless of weight and size.

Water transportation

Cargo transportation by water is carried out using river or sea transport. This type of delivery is characterized by:

-low cost and profitability in terms of the volume of goods;

-high carrying capacity;

-relatively low delivery speed compared to alternative options;

-dependence on the weather conditions;

-binding to a specially equipped port.