Review Birch Plywood

Trailers redefine people’s lifestyles

As freedom and mobility are of paramount importance to society nowadays, architects and designers respond with a range of trailers designs which can transform the way we work, shop and travel.

Trailers redefine people’s lifestyles providing them with mobile clinics, on-the-wheels offices and conference rooms and pop-up shops. They are aimed at a generation of new travelers, on-the-go entrepreneurs and those who would like to have an office at hand when inspiration comes wherever they might find it.

Trailers are produced with meticulous attention to every detail. They should be compact, sustainable, transportable and durable without compromising the beauty of their exterior and interior.

To meet all these requirements, we produce prime quality plywood specially developed for this application.
Our birch plywood has excellent performance properties such as wear and water resistance, high load-bearing capacity, easy handling and installing and environmental friendliness.

Plywood can be overlaid with durable and easy to clean phenolic or melamine film as well as with HPL, CPL and fiberglass. Coatings come in a variety of surface patterns, textures and colours. It makes Plyterra Group products perfect not only for sheathing, cladding and flooring of trailers but also for decorative purposes.