Review Birch Plywood

Plywood furniture

Plywood furniture has been dominating the interior design in Europe for several years and has been winning first places in design competitions worldwide.

Such wide appeal in this industry is explained by a number of features:

ECO-FRIENDLINESS of plywood is beyond a shadow of a doubt. It is produced by gluing several plies of wood veneer using special adhesive with the E1 formaldehyde emission level. It is worth mentioning that mill experts of Plyterra have managed to reduce the emission level by half, making it reach the E0.5 level.

EFFICIENCY. Although being lightweight and aesthetic, plywood is a very strong and durable material which does not compromise the children’s safety. Moreover, with great attention to detail, the material highlights the personality and distinctiveness of any design.

DURABILITY. When treated properly, plywood boasts exceptional strength and wear resistance which makes it last for decades without losing the beauty of its appearance. No wonder it is in great demand in aircraft industry.

EASY PROCESSING. Natural wood makes excellent ground for paint, varnish and oil treatment, thanks to an absorbing surface. By filling pores, sealers preserve the material and protect it against entering different substances, even chemical ones.

NATURAL WARMTH. Among all the materials used for furniture production and interior design, plywood is a most natural and sustainable one. Its colouring and surface texture provide warmth of sunshine to the space, add character, have a relaxing and calming effect.

EYE-CATCHING EDGES. It is the beauty of exposed plywood edge which makes designers all over the world prefer this material to others. Alternating layers of light veneer of different shades and thicknesses are separated by dark layers of adhesive, which perfectly emphasizes geometry.