Review Birch Plywood

Plywood application

Plywood is a sheet construction material manufactured from several thin layers of wood that are tightly glued together in thickness (the so-called veneer). The fibers are generally perpendicular to each other in the adjacent veneer layers, so the specific properties of plywood are shape stability and durability in various directions, which distinguishes it from ordinary wood. The plywood made of birch veneer is the most durable.

Plywood is one of the most sought-after wood-board material which is applied in different spheres:

- Construction (birch plywood, film faced plywood)
Service gangways and loading platforms
Household outbuildings
Land retention works and fences
Farm structures
Roofing materials
Storage premises
Partitions and doors

- Monolithic construction (film faced)
Сolumn formwork
Foundation formwork
Deck formwork
Wall formwork
Tunnel formwork

- Interior decoration (birch, film faced, for painting)
Sound-insulating panels
Lecture rooms
Concert halls
Wall panels, partitions
Window sills

- Exterior decoration (birch, film faced)
Facade decoration
Balcony partitions
Roof covering
Gates and hedgerows

- Furniture production (birch, film faced)
Facade, side and back walls of cabinets
Soft furniture frame
Patio furniture
Bathroom furniture
Tables and table boards
Lockers and shelves
Kitchen furniture
Rack storages

- Shipbuilding (birch, film faced)
Interior decoration of yachts and ships
Boards and partitions decoration
Decks of yachts, boats and ships
Seats on boats, catamarans and passenger ships

- Transport machine building (birch, film faced)
Vehicle bodies

- Packing (birch, film faced)
Shipping containers and packaging
Decorative boxes, designer packing

- Shop, service and store equipment (birch, film faced)
Shop and service equipment (cabinets, counters, rack cabinets)
Equipment of hotels, bars and restaurants, hairdressing salons, laundries, medical stations and pharmacy
Beach houses, cubicles and showers
Outdoor cafes furniture
Covering of storage premises
Fitting-rooms and partitions
Information desks

- Juvenile furniture and playgrounds (birch, film faced)
Juvenile furniture (tables, chairs, benches, cabinets, etc.)
Play equipment
Sports grounds and playgrounds (ice hockey rinks, skate ramps, snow slides, grandstand on sports grounds, benches, sideboards, flooring)
School furniture

- Other areas of application
Road sign
Advertisement hoardings
Sound systems
Lifts and etc.