Review Birch Plywood

How to store birch plywood properly?

Birch plywood may be stored for a fairly long period, but it is important to organise a storage area properly and meet the following conditions:

- Plywood should not be stacked vertically because it may cause deformations and damage due to its own weight. Sheets shall be laid in a horizontal position on a tray or a pallet.

- Optimal storage conditions: closed space at a temperature from - 40 °C to +50 °C and at a relative humidity which shall not exceed 80 %. Excessive moist air leads to fungosity of birch veneer.

- If it is required to store a large number of plywood sheets, it is necessary to place wooden shims of 50x50 mm between them at a distance of 40-50 cm from each other. This will ensure air circulation and prevent sheets from losing their shape.

- It is recommended to lay a wooden panel or other protective material on top of plywood, which will prevent deformation and other aggressive effects.
- Plywood should be kept away from heat sources.

Improper storage of birch plywood leads to the following negative implications:

- A sheet may bend and change its original shape.

- In the event of a violation of the temperature requirements and due to moisture ingress, plywood may crack, swell and be covered with rot and wormholes.

- In case of outdoor storage of sheets, they change their colour. Moreover, spots and warping may appear.

Under optimal storage conditions, birch plywood retains its original appearance for a long time without deterioration in its quality.