Review Birch Plywood

Birch plywood

Birch plywood is a strong material made of at least three thin layers of birch veneer glued together under high pressure. To guarantee the best performance, the cross- and long-grain plies go one by one at right angles. It can be used for many interior and exterior purposes from interior cladding to formworks, from furniture production to exterior walls sheathing.

Opportunities of modern plywood mills include the production of tailor-made products introducing standard exterior, interior and structural applications at the new light.

Birch plywood has many advantages in comparison with solid timber and other wood products. For example, thanks to its complicated structure of alternant grains, the shear strength of the material is two time more than that of solid timber. Birch plywood inherits the properties of parent wood, and at the same time, has increased stability. As a wood material, plywood is resistant to high impacts. It bears short-time overloads and stands up high winds and earthquakes. Birch plywood distributes loads and cuts the tensile stress dramatically.

Another advantage of the product is its dimensional stability. This property is especially important when the material is intended for exterior use where changes of moisture and temperature are possible. It is also important to point out high strength to weight ratio of birch plywood as well as its resistance to corrosion when exposed to chemicals.