• specifications

Thicknesses, mm:

4; 6,5; 9; 12; 15; 18; 21; 24; 27; 30 

Sizes*, mm:

2500х1250 or 1250х2500

Thicknesses of HPL, mm:

0,8; 1; 1,3; 1,6 

Surface type:

 Panels are overlaid on both sides

Formaldehyde emission

0,1-0,3 mg/h х m2   

*Other sizes and thicknesses are available upon the agreement with a customer

Plywood coated with HPL is applicable in many areas, including shipbuilding, construction industry, rail vehicles production, furniture production, etc. The plywood is strong, resistant to banding and warpage. It has low weight and high performance properties.

HPL coating makes the surface of the panel highly wear-resistant. The material does not change its appearance and properties during the whole service life, even when exposed to UV-light, water and temperature drops. Thus, plywood overlaid with HPL is suitable for exterior and interior use. There are 400 designs of HPL, including unicolor, stone design, wood grain, metallic, etc.

On the agreement with a customer plywood can be covered with fire-resistant HPL. If fire-proof plywood is required, all the layers of the wood panel can be impregnated with flame retardant. It prevents the spread of fire and has low smoke generation capacity.