• specifications
Thicknesses: 12; 15;16; 18; 21; 24; 27; 30 mm
Sizes: 2440х1220 или 1220х2440,
2500х1250 или 1250х2500
Grades: 2/3 (ВB/CP), 3/3 (CP/CP), 3/4 (CP/C), 4/4 (C/C)
Surface type: not-sanded (NS) and both sides sanded (S2)
The formaldehyde emission according to WKI reports (limit value: 3,5 mg/h х m2): 0,1-0,3 mg/h х m2

PlyAudio is the high-quality plywood produced specially for loudspeaker enclosures. Using only solid inner layers for plywood production allow us to eliminate the main concern of our customers, i.e voids inside the product. PlyAudio is much lighter in comparison with other wood products used for such a specific application.

Main advantages of PlyAudio

- All layers are made from Birch veneer

- Use only solid (whole) veneer for both face and inner layers to avoid voids inside the plywood

- Multilayer structure of plywood resulting in damping vibration (PlyAudio is “acoustically soft” material having necessary for this specific application sound absorption coefficient)

- Strength

- Great capability to hold fasteners (screws, etc.)

- Easiness in usage

- Longevity

- Lightness (weight saving)

- Usage of safe-health raw materials in production (ULEF status: Executive Order N-18-163 issued by CARB for all the resins used in PlyAudio production)