Fire-retardant Plywood

Fire-retardant Plywood

  • specifications
Thicknesses: 4; 6; 8; 9; 10; 12; 15; 16; 18; 19; 20; 21; 22; 24; 25; 28; 30 mm
Sizes:                                                                                                                                                     1525х1525, 1525х1830,1830х1525; 2100х1830; 2300х1830; 2410х1525 ;2850х1830; 2950х1525, 2980х1525, 2980х1850, 3050х1525
Grades: 1/2 (В/BB), 2/2 (BB/BB), 2/3 (BB/CP), 2/4 (BB/C), 3/3 (CP/CP), 3/4 (CP/C), 4/4 (C/C)
Surface type: not-sanded (NS) and both sides sanded (S2)
The formaldehyde emission according to GOST (limit value: 3,5 mg/h х m2):
0,1-0,2 mg/h х m2

Fire-retardant plywood is low flammable material, preventing spread of fire on the surface, having a medium smoke-generating capacity and securing a moderate emission of hazardous substance into the air when burning. Physical and mechanical properties of this material make it suitable for Exterior and Interior use in various areas, such as

- construction;

- transport engineering;

- railway coaches manufacturing;

- subway cars manufacturing;

- shipbuilding

as well as other industries where fire-resistant plywood is applicable. It is a product of heightened water resistance due to being glued with usage of phenol-formaldehyde resin.

There are three types of coatings possible: protective coating based on resin, HPL, wood veneer