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Plyterra Color

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Plyterra Color is a brand for colored film faced birch plywood. It is manufactured on the basis of Exterior birch plywood. Both sides of the panel are overlaid with modified phenolic film.

Multilayer structure of 100% birch plywood guarantees good strength properties of the Plyterra Color film faced plywood. WBP glue used for the production of the panels has excellent bonding properties. Formaldehyde emission levels comply with the requirements of E1, CARB ULEF, EPA TSCA Title VI (according to the results of WKI tests, the average value for PlyDeck is 0,1 mg/h х m2).


Colored film faced plywood withstand various weather and chemical conditions. Bright rich color of the film does not fade when exposed to sunlight for contentious period of time and guarantees high visual quality of the laminated plywood. At the same time, it ensures better resistance to abrasion, damage and moisture absorption. There is a variety of film colors available.


Overlaid panels are irreplaceable when wear-resistant surfaces are needed. Thanks to better resistance to abrasion of the modified phenolic film and stiffness of birch plywood, this product is very popular for concrete formworks. Other areas of application of the film faced plywood are production of trailers, buses, trucks, lorries, vans and production of furniture.


Smooth durable modified phenolic film of high density makes birch plywood more resistant to impacts and other forms of bruising. The overlaid surface of the panel is easy to clean. Resistance to abrasion of the laminated plywood from Russian manufacturer Plyterra Group is approved by Taber Test. The film density of Plyterra Color is 167/167 g/m2. Edges of the film faced plywood are sealed with water-resistant acrylic paint, which significantly reduces the moisture absorption of the wood panel.


As a whole, all these properties guarantee longer durability of Plyterra Color and make it suitable for different applications

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