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What is special about fire retardant plywood? 15 August 2018

Fire Retardant (FR) plywood stands out from standard Exterior (WBP) and Interior (MR) plywood

The difference becomes evident during the production process, when peeled veneer for FR plywood undergoes special treatment with fire retardants. Thus, the final product acquires its fire-resistant properties.

Non-slip birch plywood for flooring PlyAntislip is birch plywood overlaid with durable phenolic film of high visual quality. Highly wear-resistant slip-proof plywood is an ideal solution for flooring. Thanks to such properties as resistance to slipperiness, rolling wear and abrasion, non-slip plywood for transportation industry is used for flooring of trailers, trucks, buses, vans and trains. Anti-slip plywood for construction is used for flooring of warehouses, loading platforms, pedestrian bridges, playgrounds and scaffolding. One of the latest applications for which anti-slip plywood manufacturers offer their product is decking of ships and flooring of factories.  read more...
Film faced birch plywood of different colors

PlyColor is a special brand of laminated birch plywood produced by Russian plywood manufacturer Plyterra Group. Exterior birch plywood also widely known as WBP birch plywood is coated with durable modified phenolic film on both sides. The film is basically high-density paper impregnated with improved phenolic resin. It is pressed onto the plywood in a hot press at high temperature. The phenolic overlay does not influence the general performance characteristics of Russian birch plywood of WBP grade There is a variety of film colors available at the moment. The surface of the panel can be either smooth or wire-mesh patterned. Laminated plywood is weather and water proof. The surface of the modified phenolic film is resistant to abrasion . It can be easily cleaned with detergents or simply with water ot steam.

Colored film faced birch plywood

Exterior birch plywood overlaid with colored phenolic films is light-weight material with highly wear-resistant surface, which is unaffected by detergents and many other common chemical substances. It can be easily processed and combined with other materials. Colored film faced plywood can be used in demanding outdoor conditions as it withstands humidity and temperature drops. Unlike standard laminated plywood, it is UV resistant and can be exposed to sunlight for a continuous period of time.

What plywood is used for parquet production?

Birch plywood is one of the materials used for the production of parquet and engineering boards. It is one of the most demanding areas of plywood application. Although all the companies have their individual requirements, there are some issues that are equally considered to be very important by all of them. Birch plywood for parquet shall have optimal moisture content and high load bearing capacity.

Introduction to fire-retardant plywood

To obtain its fire-resistant properties, fire-retardant plywood is treated with special flame retardant during the production process.

FR grade plywood is widely used to reduce the risk of fire in public places such as theatres, cinemas, offices, kitchens of restaurants as well as for cladding in residential buildings. Another major application of fireproof plywood is rolling stock construction. Fire rated plywood is also used for furniture production. The structures made of fire-retardant plywood are more expensive but the choice is always evident for those for whom safety is a major concern.

Fire-retardant plywood for construction

Building codes require that certain structures shall be made with fire-retardant or flame resistant plywood. The use of this material in walls and partitions prevents the spread of fire from one part of building to the next. Fire-retardant plywood successfully completes vertical through-roof firewalls, simplifying roofs construction and reducing building and reroofing costs.

Film faced birch plywood

Film faced birch plywood is durable, lightweight, water- and wear-resistant material. It can be easily handled and combined with other materials. Thanks to high-quality film coating, the plywood takes on such properties as endurance and resistance to damage and strong chemicals, which make it suitable for exterior use. It also protects veneers against termites, influence of temperature drops and high humidity. The surface of the film faced plywood is easy to clean. Edges of the plywood are sealed with water-resistant acrylic paint.

Birch plywood for interior design

Patented in the 19th century, plywood has not lost its popularity nowadays. On the contrary, the demand for this all-purpose material continues to grow as it constantly finds new areas of application. Architects and designers recognize this material for its cost-effectiveness and simple brilliance.

The material proved its utility and durability for building exteriors long ago, but one of the recent trends is plywood in interior design. And not only refined plywood of high grades and highest quality is used for this purpose now, but, surprisingly, the one with knots and other natural imperfections, which is appreciated for its aesthetic, as well as money it saves.

What is Interior Birch Plywood?

The name of the product makes it obvious that interior birch plywood is suitable only for indoor application in homes as well as in offices. If you choose aesthetic finish for you interior design, you cannot make a better choice. The material is impractical in terms of exterior use, but its indoor application is versatile. It includes the production of furniture, roofing, flooring, interior cladding and decoration works. The range of end uses of interior birch plywood is constantly widened by plywood manufacturers introducing new solutions. Other popular areas of application for this material are laser cutting and production of toys.

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