Plyterra Phon

Plyterra Phon

  • specifications
Thicknesses: 15; 18 mm
Sizes:                                                                 1525х1525                                  
Grades: 2/3 (BB/CP)
Surface type: glued                          


Plyterra Phon is sound insulation birch plywood with cork, rubber or composite rubber-cork sound absorbing barrier in the middle of the panel. The core of soundproof plywood can be chosen by the customer according to his needs: cork makes the boards lighter in comparison with standard birch plywood, while the special layer of technical rubber provides better damping of vibration and protection against noise.

Plyterra Phon is produced with the use of phenol-formaldehyde adhesive that guarantees excellent bonding properties and high water resistance. Formaldehyde emission level complies with the requirements of E1, CARB, EPA TSCA Title VI

Sound reduction plywood can be used for interior finishing of the projects in civil and industrial construction having strict requirements for sound insulation. Material is also applied in the production of rail vehicles, metro trains, buses, trams and sea and river vessels. Soundproof plywood with rubber layer reduces negative influence of vibration on people’s health and safety and insures higher level of comfort.

Sound absorbing plywood is highly water-resistant due to the usage of special adhesive based on phenol-formaldehyde resin.

Plyterra Phon can be overlaid with decorative or fire-retardant HPL coating.

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