Birch Plywood Products

Product categories
Plyterra Birch Interior
High-quality plywood for interior use
Plyterra Birch Exterior
Water-resistant plywood for exterior and interior use
Plyterra Deck
Extra strong film faced plywood with smooth surface
Plyterra Antislip
Wear-resistant film faced plywood with non-slip surface
Plyterra Color
UV-resistant colored film faced plywood
Plyterra Parquet
High-quality plywood with special thickness tolerances for parquet production
Plyterra Plastic
Wear-resistant birch plywood overlaid with HPL
Plyterra Laser
100 % birch plywood for laser cutting
Plyterra Phon
Multi-purpose sound-insulation plywood
High-quality fire-retardant plywood
PlyGuard Phon
Sound insulation fire-retardant plywood
Fuel Briquettes
Ecologically clean and safe source of energy
Bed Slats
Curved furniture parts made of high-quality birch veneer
Energy-efficient eco fuel

Plyterra Group is a reliable Russian manufacturer of birch plywood. We focus on modern market trends and support innovative ideas for development continuously improving the quality of our products and customer support.

We continually modernize our mills and the whole production process to improve the quality of our plywood and introduce new products. We offer tailor-made plywood components for industrial end-users, special plywood with specific characteristics and standard plywood with special sizes and tolerances.

Plyterra Group produces 100% birch plywood of various grades, sizes and thicknesses. The product line of standard plywood includes 5x5 Interior birch plywood (1525x1525 mm), produced with the usage of MR glue. It is intended for interior use. The product is popular among furniture manufacturers.

Another standard product is Exterior birch plywood with WBP glue. Plyterra Group offers long grain 8x4 plywood (2440x1220 mm or 2500x1250 mm), cross grain 4x8 plywood (1220x2440 mm or 1250x2500 mm) and 5x10 plywood (1525x3050 mm) as well as 5x5 plywood (1525x1525).

There is a variety of options and coatings for Exterior birch plywood. One of the most popular products is film faced plywood. It is strong, high wear-resistant material. Plyterra Group provides three options of film overlay. They are film faced plywood with wire mesh surface popular among trailers manufacturers, film faced plywood with smooth surface, which is especially popular for decking, plywood overlaid with modified UV-resistant colored phenolic film.

Another option is birch plywood overlaid with protective and decorative HPL. The properties of the plastic contribute to multipurpose use of plywood panels. Special fire-retardant HPL can be also applied.

Following the example of the leading manufacturers of Finnish birch plywood and Baltic birch plywood, Plyterra Group is developing the set of special plywood products. Sound insulation plywood and antivibration plywood with cork or rubber in the middle of the panel have already gained their popularity in shipbuilding, rail vehicles production and commercial vehicles production.

Another special product is fire-retardant plywood. Plyterra Group offers several solutions complying to different levels of fire safety so that the customers could choose the best product, based on their requirements and the price of plywood.

The products are certified in accordance with the European standards and have «Certificate of Factory Production Control».

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