Information about production

“Plyterra Group” is a quite young company in plywood industry in Russia. Although the history of the mill dates back to 1896, the former woodworking enterprise became the plywood mill only in 1999. The activity of plywood mill was focused only on the Russian consumer during first years but being aware of the world market perspective, the company was subsequently reoriented to cooperation with companies from Western Europe and North America. Taking into account the fact that the export market is a market of high competition, it is evident that for the production of high-quality and competitive product only correspondent to the world standards equipment is required. One of the improvement steps of the “Plyterra Group” production processes was the complete modernization of the mill and equipping it with the most advanced machinery from such manufacturers as “Raute” (Finland), “Kitagawa” (Japan), “Kikukawa” (Japan), “GreCon” (Germany) and others. It was not only the choice to equip the enterprise with machinery of world leaders in manufacturing of deep wood processing products, it was also a carefully analyzed decision to optimize and improve the performance of the entire plywood production process. Plyterra team never stops at what has been already achieved realizing one project after another!

1production only with the use of high-quality equipment
2possession of prestigious international certificates of conformity
3efficient training of personnel
4high level and the continuous improvement of corporate and social culture