Plywood manufacturer principles


"Plyterra Group" is oriented on the dynamically changing market. Adaptation to changes, readiness to create something new, creativity and initiative of personnel - all these help us to develop rapidly. The company management always encourages new ideas for the production development and strives for the most rational and efficient use of resources. To follow this ideology, the company uses the principles of lean production, new technologies and high-performance equipment. Our company is always in the process of continuous perfecting. It stands to reason that company personnel are interested in stable growth of each indicator that requires company development in several directions. The achieved results are recorded and constantly improved. Thanks to this approach we do not stop at where we are, on the contrary, improved indicators inspire us to move only ahead, ahead to the goal! The basis of motivation is striving for continuous growth, increase of personal performance indicators and professional development.


We value our partners. Our cooperation becomes stronger and stronger with every year of our long-term partnership. Our company is always open to discuss any issues. Having customer-oriented approach in our work, we are doing everything possible to meet our customers’ needs. We are always ready to find solution of any possible difficult situation together with our partners. Developing we also contribute to the development of our partners. In our turn, we really appreciate customers’ loyalty to our company. In addition, we are particularly attentive to our responsibility to the client. Practically at any production there may be technological failures and in such exceptionally rare cases we bear responsibility for the goods which potentially may not correspond to high quality and ready to compensate the losses of our client. Our reputation of a reliable supplier and our clients’ trust are more valuable for us than economic costs. We also have serious attitude to social and ecological commitments to our customers, employees and environment.


History of foundation and development of our production goes back to the XIXth century, the time when the first sawmill was opened. During more than 100 years there were implemented new modern technologies, new vacancies were presented. Speaking about the mill nowadays, one may tell that already sixteen years of successful work are behind. These are the years of efficient cooperation with company partners whose demands were met and for whom the product of high quality was produced. Accumulating experience and perfecting our work standards, improving manufacturing processes, constantly improving and developing ourselves, we build our future. In this future we will continue to be faithful to our customers and to our principles and the main result of our development vector will be our glad customers.


We believe that the nobility and dignity may be inherent not only to a person, but also to the company. We value trust of the customers and our reputation of the producer of high quality product. The importance of our every client’s positive assessment is very high for us and that is the reason of our giving priority to high quality of our product since the time of our foundation. We want our product to be worth being proud of it. We take into account the wishes of our customers and provide a good quality service. The main result of individual approach and mutual trust is the building of long-term relationships with partners. It would be impossible to keep achieved high status without personnel development. "Plyterra Group" is interested in a strong and professional team and pays great attention to improving its qualification, encouraging employees' desire for self-development, professional and personal growth.