Non-slip birch plywood for flooring

Non-slip birch plywood for flooring

PlyAntislip is birch plywood overlaid with durable phenolic film of high visual quality. Highly wear-resistant slip-proof plywood is an ideal solution for flooring. Thanks to such properties as resistance to slipperiness, rolling wear and abrasion, non-slip plywood for transportation industry is used for flooring of trailers, trucks, buses, vans and trains. Anti-slip plywood for construction is used for flooring of warehouses, loading platforms, pedestrian bridges, playgrounds and scaffolding. One of the latest applications for which anti-slip plywood manufacturers offer their product is decking of ships and flooring of factories.

Birch plywood overlaid with phenolic film has wire-mesh pattern on one side. The hard surface is resistant to abrasion and various impacts. The reverse side of the panel is smooth. Dark brown color of the surface fades when exposed to sunlight for a continuous period of time. For those application where UV-resistant phenolic film is needed, Russian birch plywood manufacturer Plyterra offers special UV-resistant overlay of different colors.

Anti-slip plywood from manufacturer Plyterra is resistant to moisture absorption. Thus, the surface can be easily cleaned with steam or water.

All these advantages of slip-proof plywood make it the most preferable solution for flooring in demanding projects.

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