Fire-retardant plywood for rail vehicles from manufacturer

Fire-retardant plywood for rail vehicles from manufacturer Plyterra Group produces a wide range of plywood for the transport industry, including shipbuilding, commercial vehicles and rolling stock production. Light and strong fire-retardant plywood from manufacturer Plyterra meets the requirement R10 of European standard EN 45545-2. Complying with HL3, the FR plywood is approved for application in all kinds of wagons, including passenger coaches. Fireproof plywood meets the requirements for safety and comfort. Alongside good fire-resistant properties, the panels also provide good sound insulation. When the reduction of noise is important, special fire rated panels made of birch plywood and cork can be applied for flooring. This composite panel is lighter in comparison with standard birch plywood. It reduces unnecessary noise emitted by the motors of rail vehicles. This is another reason to use sound insulation fire resistant panels of Plyterra Group in the rail industry. There are three products developed by Plyterra Group for rail vehicles construction. They are fire-retardant plywood made of 100% birch veneer, composite panels made of birch veneer and cork and composite panels made of birch veneer and rubber. All the materials have key advantages, such as high weight to strength ratio, durability, improved fire protection and sound insulation. For underground trains, Plyterra has developed special ultra-sound-insulation antivibration fire-retardant plywood. The panel consists of birch plywood and fire-retardant rubber core, that possess excellent noise-reducing characteristics. Among all the products offered by Plyterra Group, these fire-resistant panels have the highest sound reduction index. Fireproof plywood and fireproof plywood panels from manufacturer Plyterra Group are great solutions for the rail industry. More than that, Plyterra is open for any discussions and ready to develop specific plywood products according to the requirements of its industrial customers.

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