Environmentally friendly plywood

Environmentally friendly plywood Nowadays it is very important that manufacturing companies implement their activities in an environmentally reasonable way. While Finnish birch plywood is mostly certified by PEFС, fireproof plywood produced from birch originating from Russia is FSC certified. Thus forestry operations and sustainability of the supply chain are ensured. Fire-retardant plywood is an environmentally friendly material, that is easy to use and process. It is produced from birch hardwood, which is a fully renewable resource. Innovative production technology is used at plywood mills to produce premium-quality fire-retardant birch plywood, that will further meet the strictest requirements of quality control. Only CE-marked fireproof plywood can be delivered to the European market. The low level of formaldehyde emission is another concern of Russian plywood manufacturers. It is very important for fire rated plywood to comply with the requirements of E1, CARB and TSCA Title VI. Thus fire rated plywood manufacturers confirm that they care for the environment as it is widely known that formaldehyde negatively impacts air quality. Fire-retardant plywood is a durable material, but when its service life is over, it can be processed.

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