Characteristics of fire-retardant plywood

Characteristics of fire-retardant plywood Plyterra Group offers fire-retardant plywood manufactured from the veneer of deciduous woods. The most popular product is 100% birch plywood, but based on customer’s requirements, there can also be used the veneer of other deciduous woods. It allows influencing physical and mechanical properties of fireproof panels. Every veneer layer used for the production of fire rated plywood is impregnated in a special flame retardant, that prevents the development and spread of fire. The treated plywood has a homogeneous smooth surface. The chemical solution brings out the beautiful texture of birch plywood and slightly changes the colour of veneer making it a little darker. The treatment of veneer also increases its density. For those customers who are interested in light-weight fire rated panels, Plyterra Group offers two options: either plywood with mixed veneer or special light panels with a cork core. The materials have a very good ratio of density to performance. These solutions are especially popular among shipbuilders. Fire-retardant birch plywood perfectly combines good physical and mechanical properties of birch plywood with fire resistance and low smoke generation. The fireproof plywood is dimensionally stable material. It firmly holds screws, nails and fasteners. Moreover, the treatment gives the panels good anti-insecticidal and antifungal properties. Flame retardant plywood of Plyterra Group has CE mark. It is classified as B-S1, d0 material according to standard EN 13501-1. The fire resistant panels also have the reports confirming their compliance with HL3 according to R10 Requirements of EN 45545-2. Thus, the fire-retardant plywood is approved for use in all types of rail vehicles.

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