Anti-slip plywood for decking of trailers

Anti-slip plywood for decking of trailers Russian birch plywood is a strong and stable material used for a range of applications. One of the modifications of the product is birch plywood overlaid with anti-slip phenolic film. There are various patterns of non-slip surface available, e. g. wire-mesh and hexa, but generally speaking, thanks to modern technologies used by film suppliers, almost any design of pattern required by film faced plywood manufacturers can be supplied. Slip-proof Russian birch plywood is commonly used for the decking of commercial vehicles, i.e. trailers, vans and buses. The mechanical properties of anti-slip birch plywood are thoroughly tested. There has been developed the whole set of test procedures that help to assess plywood panels from different perspectives to fully characterize the performance of plywood flooring. Alongside with physical and mechanical properties, such as the modulus of rupture and the modulus of elasticity, the manufacturers of commercial vehicles also require that non=slip plywood shall be checked for different in-service damages that will probably happen during its service life, such as abrasive and rolling wear, resistance to humid conditions and indentation damage. Flexural stiffness significantly depends on the two last factors and is always considered by industrial end-users. There is also a whole set of tests used to estimate in-service damage of plywood-based decking. Based on the experience of trailers manufacturers and companies operating large fleets of commercial vehicles, water and indentation damages as well as abrasive wear require close attention. It helps to understand if damaged decking of a trailer is still suitable for service. Novel systems for commercial vehicles flooring are widely introduced to the market. Composite sandwich panels and non-slip plywood reinforced with glass fibre generate much interest among manufacturers of trailers. Road freight fleet operators are looking for new opportunities to reduce operating costs and tend to apply the materials with competitive hardness, but lighter weight. However, at the moment there is hardly any material that can substitute anti-slip birch plywood taking into account all its benefits and advantages.

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