Anti-slip plywood for decking of trailers

Anti-slip plywood for decking of trailers For many years plywood has been a leader among the materials for decking of freight trailers. A series of researches have proved that plywood panels are the most sustainable material for this application. Alongside with good performance properties, anti-slip plywood is eco-friendly, recyclable and renewable material. Non-slip birch plywood manufacturers usually have industry handbooks where all the information about the product including its physical and mechanical properties as well as surface characteristics are presented, based on the tests that have been carried out. Wear resistance and hardness tests are the most important ones for anti-slip plywood for flooring. The hardness of slip-proof plywood depends on the wood species it has been made of. 100% birch plywood has high density and is appreciated by commercial vehicles manufacturers thanks to its hardness, stiffness and dimensional stability. For a good reason, it is widely regarded as one of the best plywood for decking of trailers. The decks made of anti-slip birch plywood are easy to handle and install. When necessary, for example in case of damage, panels can be easily replaced or repaired. Wear-resistant anti-slip birch plywood for the flooring of trailers is widely used by commercial vehicles manufacturers in Europe. Finnish birch plywood and Russian birch plywood are the most common materials for trailers decking. Birch plywood manufacturers produce a wide range of plywood panels overlaid with various types of phenolic or melamine coatings. The surface of laminated non-slip plywood differs in colour, density, resistance to abrasion and rolling wear. Different patterns can be applied to the exposed surface of laminated plywood. It influences the rate of slipperiness that is also measured and closely considered by manufacturers.

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